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Services & Examples of Our Work

TAB Inc. is responsive to its retail customers and provides a broad array of services. With experience completing large and small projects throughout the U.S., TAB Inc. offers significant experience and capability. Our areas of expertise include:

Warehouse Racking & Cantilever

Services include the safe and secure installation of cantilever columns, uprights, beams and bases for warehouse shelving systems.

  • Work with customer safety teams to identify potentially hazardous shelving components
  • Repair, Replace and Install existing or new racking projects
  • Properly manage shelving projects to ensure products are accessible to customers with minimal down-time
  • Properly trained in adhering to customer blueprints and design plans
  • Elevations are properly installed in accordance to the facility specific planogram or generic layout
  • Experience managing Indoor and/or outdoor projects

Display and Fixture Installation

Design of independent shelving to maximize POS exposure to consumers while making retail space more efficient. Services include planogram review, installation, and adherence to customer design plans. Design and construction of products requiring framing, wood assembly, and basic carpentry needs.

  • Kiosk assembly
  • Freestanding gondolas
  • Wall mount gondolas
  • Merchandizing tables/racks
  • Lighting assembly
  • Carpentry/millworks
  • Hanging displays
  • Vendor promoted projects


Installation and removal of customer designed signage to assist with customer navigation.

  • Complete store signage replacement
  • Aisle navigating/wayfinding signs
  • Promotional signage
  • Store pricing labels
  • Freestanding and hanging signs
  • Electronic displays

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