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Professional Merchandising Services

With our long experience in the retail industry, we know what our customers want and can deliver the results they expect.

Why work with Tab Inc? Experience matters!

With more than 20 total years of experience working on both sides as a retail merchandising services provider as well as a corporate manager of merchandising contractors for a leading retailer, TAB Inc. uniquely understands both perspectives.

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You want expertise

TAB, Inc. team members have become a trusted merchandising resource with a reliable history of providing our retail customers with broad services and expertise on demand.

Do you need retail merchandising or installation support? We want to discuss your goals!

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Client Testimonial

F. B. and the TAB crew who completed the Craftsman Reset exceeded expectations from the store. Having the opportunity to work before with this crew, this was not surprising. This crew lead manages to keep his staff on task to complete the projects in both a timely and organized manner allowing store resources to be utilized elsewhere and we would welcome his crew for future resets or TAB contracted projects at this store’s location. On behalf of this store, we are grateful for the work completed and look forward to future endeavors from TAB.
J.S., Manager on Duty, Leading Home Improvement Retailer

Are you a hard worker? We need you

We’re looking for new members of the Tab Inc. Team! Why work for Tab Inc.? Because we’re growing and we need you. Do you:

  1. Have merchandising, rack or shelf assembly experience?
  2. Know how to operate power equipment like forklifts or scissor lifts?
  3. Able to interpret a Planogram?

If you answered yes to any of these, there may be a place for you on our team!

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